Dynarabia’s major activity is the provision of operation and maintenance to government, industry, and various clients over the past decade. With its competent staff and know-how, Dynarabia has enabled its clients to enjoy optimum designed level of operation of their facilities.

Dynarabia’s services are backed by a broad staff and the services of operation and maintenance covering wide range of areas.

Operation and maintenance include:

Services in the area of modification and repair of property, buildings/structures, electrical maintenance, air conditioning maintenance, and plumbing services.

Telecommunication services include installation, operation and maintenance of the latest telephone, radio, intercom, microwave and satellite communication systems.

Transportation, equipment operation and maintenance of fleets of vehicles both ground and air, backed by maintenance and shop facilities.

Management of recreation centers, data processing, clinics, and others on a full time or part-time basis.

General services related to civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering of buildings and ground maintenance as per client’s specifications.

Security services with comprehensive programs including personnel identification, perimeter and communication security and sophisticated advanced security system installation. Operation and maintenance of water treatment and distribution system.

-         Some facilities to which Dynarabia provides support include:
Airport facilities

-         Communication centers

-         Data processing facilities

-         Electrical power plants

-         Environmental systems

-         Government compounds

-         Housing complexes

-         Logistics warehouse facilities

-         Hospital and medical complexes

-         Military facilities

-         Radar facilities

-         Recreation centers

-         Schools

-         Storage facilities (combustibles)

-         Water and sewage treatment plants



Dynarabia provides the best to its clients with an integrated state-of-the-art communication system, giving access to radio and video, data transmission, microwave, and satellite communication, that permit real time access to all corners of the world.

Dynarabia’s telecommunication services integrate client requirements from the inception of the call until the completion of the project in the field.

Dynarabia’s representative communication systems include:

-         Very low frequency

-         Low Frequency

-         High frequency

-         Very high frequency

-         Ultra high frequency

-         Radio system

-         Telecommunication system

-         Video transmission system

-         Dobe transmission system

-         Microwave systems

-         Satellite communication system

-         Transmission security systems

Our know-how and expertise render you the best communication service in the entire world.



Dynarabia takes responsibility for dissemination of technical knowledge pertaining to many industries in the Gulf. This has been accomplished through our programs, on-the-job training and specialized courses in science and technology.

These programs are offered by our professional staff, the majority of whom have postgraduate degrees and vast experience in their areas of specialization.

We work with our clients to train employees to handle the facilities and equipment we install.


The training programs include:


·        Development of master training plans

·        Vocation/curriculum development programs

·        Engineering - electrical, electronic and mechanical

·        Effective management techniques

·        Data processing and word processing

·        Communication systems

·        Graphic design and layout

·        Security management

·        Material handling

·        Crash/fire/rescue

·        ESL instruction.


Dynarabia takes responsibility for dissemination of technical Knowedge  pertaining to many industries in the kingdom.



Dynarabia in cooperation with DynCorp furnishes the best on-site security service, meeting client’s internal or external threat to facilities or personnel anywhere in the Gulf. Dynarabia believes security services should be viewed as a complete system, ranging from threat assessment, analysis and planning to developing effect surveillance and working system within the client facilities.

Dynarabia integrated system approach extends from the identification of advanced technologies for physical security system to classify policy, and training local security personnel in the operation of the system installed. Dynarabia also has a field team for operation and maintenance of all its systems.

Dynarabia security service include:

Inner space security

Building security

Effective security

Protection system

Communication security

Perimeter security.

Dynarabia’s sophisticated equipment and competent staff ensure you a safe working environment, wherever you are.


Dynarabia has been involved in providing ground support, maintenance and repair services for the Helicopter Bases and associated facilities for the Ministry of Interior, as a sub-contractor to the Kawasaki Company of Japan.

Our foremost business is providing technical services. The award of this contract to Dynarabia is a landmark of established capabilities in providing highly technical, diverse, and quality professional services in the state-of-the- art technologies, including those for rotating wing aircraft.

Dynarabia has distinguished itself as one of the leading professional and technical services companies in the Kingdom by providing:

• quick response capability to place skilled technicians and engineers on client’s site;
• maintenance, repair and, in cases, modification of fielded plant & equipment, and facilities;

• total service in purchasing and storage of parts and materials, thus eliminating additional procurement / costs to the client

• additional economy, in certain cases, through the cross-utilization of skills because of multiple-skilled personnel.

High level of our capabilities, total commitment to the performance of  work, and focus on cost effectiveness has been confirmed by the trust and  confidence placed in us by our reputed client.




Dynarabia’s wide range of professional and technical capabilities are being demonstrated in the operation of the busiest ports in the Kingdom.

Of importance is our effort in providing Operational Support Services for Jeddah Islamic Port. Needless to say, this is among the busiest and most modern ports in the world. The support services that we provide are in the following fields:




Administration and Finance



Control Tower

Moreover, we are providing consultancy services for the operations of Yanbu commercial port. These services include safety, legal, marine, technical and operations.


Notable of Dynarabia’s hospital services was the successful operations and maintenance of non-medical facilities of the King Fahd National Guard Hospital, Riyadh.

The high quality performance of Dynarabia has contributed to the achievement of accreditation standards of the Joint Commission of Hospitals by the King Fahd Hospital.

Dynarabia is presently providing operations and maintenance services to the Armed Forces hospital in Riyadh and Al-Kharj.



Currently, Dynarabia is conducting training programs for nurses in association with NHS Overseas Enterprises.

This has improved the standard of professional care for the benefit of Ministry of Health and their patients.

With the high-paced development in medical technology, Dyna,rabia is committed to contribute its expertise in the medical field.