Dynarabia is either presently operating and maintaining the following projects or is selectd to be awarded in the near future.
Dynarabia has been providing operating and maintenance services for the water and sewer utilities network covering the entire Industrial City of Yanbu for Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu (Dec. 1988 - Aug. 1992).

Dynarabia is the operation and Management contractor for the Royal Commission in Yanbu for their procurement and warehousing activities in Madinat Al-Yanbu AlSinaiyah (Mar. 1988 - Mar. 1992).

Dynarabia is operating and maintaining the sea water cooling systems, associated facilities and equipments for Royal Commission in Jubail industrial city. Dynarabia is responsible, through this contract, for providing and maintaining supply of seawater for cooling purposes to the users which include the on-shore desalination plant and industries of the Madinat Al-Jubail and Al-Sinaiyah (March. 1990 - February 1993).

Dynarabia is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Haii 3 of Royal Commission Camp. Services include housekeeping and janitorial services; landscaping; recreation; fire, security and safety; catering and other related services (Jul. 1990 - June 1993).

Dynarabia has been providing training and consulting services for Saudi Aramco in the field ofdevelopment of Master Training Plans; Training curriculum development plan; training program evaluation; technical instruction; training curriculam revision; computation applications; ESL instruction; vocationall curriculum development program (Nov. 1990 - Nov. 1993).

Dynarabia has. been providing consultancy services for the Yanbu Commerical Port in the field of operations, safety, legal, technical marine services (Mar. 1990 - Feb. 1993).

Dynarabia recently began to provide operational support services for the Jeddah Islamic Port, Jeddah in the field of marine, technical, administration and finance, training, computers, control tower and operations (Aug. 1990 - July 1993).

Dynarabia is providing operation and maintenance (engineering) services to Armed Forces Hospital, Riyadh and Al-kharj, Ministry of Defence and Aviation (Jan. 1992 - April1995).


Dynarabia has been selected to award the operation and maintenance of utilities and electronics systems for the King Abdulaziz International Airport, Jeddah. This project is expected to start in late March 1992.

Dynarabia has been selected to award the operation and maintenance contract of the Prince Abdullah Air Base, Jeddah. This project is expected to start in June 1992.


Dynarabia is proud of successfully completing various operation, maintenance and training contracts for both the Government and the private sector, which has been confirmed by letter of appreciation from our clients.

The following are some of the projects that have been undertaken and successfully complete during the different years:

Dynarabia provided operation and maintenance services for the King Fahd Air Base at Taif for Royal Saudi Air Force, Ministry of Defence and Aviation (Aug. 1986 - May 1989).

Dynarabia provided operation, maintenance and facility engineering services, in accordance with the precepts of the Joint Commission for Accreditation of the Hospital and the Professional Standards of the U.S. Army, to the Saudi Arabian National Guard King Fahd Hospital and Medical City Complex located in Riyadh (Sep. 1982 to Dec. 1986).

Dynarabia provided management, operation and maintenance services for the Telecommunications Systems throughout the Yanbu Industrial City for the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu (Mar. 1981 - May 1984).

Dynarabia designed, installed and maintained telecommunication equipments including outside plant requirements for telecommunications network for Saudi Aramco (Jun. 1982 - Dec. 1986).

Dynarabia provided operation and management of accommodations control and recreation services to the residents of Jubail Industrial City for the Royal Commission (Feb. 1981 - Oct. 1984).

Dynarabia provided training and consultancy services for Saudi Aramco in the field of development of master training plans, training curriculum development plants, vocational/curriculum development program, technical curriculum instruction and other related services (Jul. 1983 - Nov. 1990).

Dynarabia provided On-the-Job- Training for the Saudi Nationals in the petrochemical fields and process plants for Saudi Aramco (Mar. 1982 - Mar. 1984).

Dynarabia provided graphic support services for Saudi Aramco (Apr. 1985 - Dec. 1987).

Dynarabia provided Consultancy Services to Saudi Aramco in the
field of Fire Protection, Industrial Security and Communication
Consultancy Services (Sep. 1983 - Apr. 1986).

Dynarabia has provided construction services for C&PCP/Radio Systems including installation and commissioning of communication systems such as; VHF & UHF Radio Systems; fibre optic systems etc. for Saudi Aramco (Jan. 1984 - Jan. 1986).

Dynarabia has procured, installed and commissioned three public siren systems for the Yanbu Commercial Port and King Fahd Industrial Port.


Dynarabia, has completed Operation and Maintenance contract of the King Fahd Air Base - Taif and its associated site. The scope of work included the following activities:


Technical and residential buildings, sewage water treatment plants, power generation plants, liquid nitrogen & liquid oxygen plants, power distribution substation and panel boards, drinking water distribution network, sewage water network, hook ancestors and banner nets on runways, central air conditioning system (HVAC), window type units, and oxidation ponds and evaporation.


·        Electrical maintenance work,

·        Mechanical maintenance work & plumbing work,

·        All carpentering work,

·        Maintenance of garden and green area,

·        Cleaning of buildings and roads & garbage disposal,

·        Maintenance of street lights and road lights,

·        Maintenance of wall fences and chain link fences
Painting of buildings and furniture,

·        Maintenance of roads,

·        Maintenance of runways, aircraft, taxiway, pod and runways marking,

·        Maintenance of runway light

·        Maintenance of marking of car

·        parking area,

·        Maintenance of walkways,

·        Water supply,

·        Maintenance of vehicle and heavy equipment,

·        Maintenance of special purpose vehicle,

·        Maintenance of office equipment,

·        Maintenance of telephone & telephone exchange,

·        Maintenance operation of the sports complex,

·        Sports training for the Air Base personnel

·        Training of the technical staff of the base.


Dynarabia has provided operation and maintenance services for the Telecommunications Systems throughout the Industrial City of Yanbu for three years for the Royal Commission of Jubail and Yanbu.

Dynarabia was responsible for the operation and/or maintenance of the following equipment, systems and facilities:

·        Paging system

·        Public telephone centers

·        Public telex c enters

·        Switchboard

·        HF/S SB radio

·        Telephones, single lines and key stations

·        Te1exITDM system

·        PABXs/EPABX

·        Outside plant cable facilities and shelters CATV studio and network

·        Hand held radios/mobile radio systems

·        UHF radio links

·        Construction equipment

·        Private electrical/electronic equipment

·        Mobile telephone system

·        Electronic switching system for telephone exchanges

·        Satellite earth station

·        Airport VOR

·        Microwave radar systems

·        Port telecommunication and radar systems

·        Computer systems


§  Logistical support to include procurement, warehousing, property accounting and property control.


§  Financial management to include billing and collection for subscriber services, payrolls, material, miscellaneous equipment expenditures, payments to PTT, current and forecast budgeting, plans and procedures, invoices, receipts and payments to the Royal Commission.

§  Training program to include preparation and publishing of training manuals and materials, class room instruction, conduct on-the-job training, and recruitment of Saudi Arabian trainees.

§  Administrative operations to include personnel and contract administration, internal audits, records, reports, quality assurance, security, safety, data processing, technical library, telephone directory publication, document and drawing control.






Dynarabia provided operations, maintenance and facility engineering services, in accordance with the precepts of the Joint Commission for Accreditation of Hospital and the Professional Standards of the U.S. Army, to the Saudi Arabian National Guard King Fahd Hospital and Medical City Complex located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Dynarabia was responsible for the following services:

·        Operation, maintenance and repair activity for the utilities (water, sewer, electrical and steam) HVAC, central control and monitoring system.

·        Maintenance and repair activity for building and structures, mechanized doors, kitchen, refrigeration and laundry equipment, central housekeeping vaccum system, printing and reproduction equipment, elevators, telephone system, CCTV system, paging system, ambulance radio net, nurse call system, intercom system, sterlizers and autoclaves, office equipment, such as typewriters, calculators, and photocopiers, transcription and other medical records equipment, fire fighting equipment, miscellaneous minor equipment such as vacuum cleaners, overhead projectors and similar equipments.

·        Maintenance and repair function for the apartment buildings and equipment and furnishings t1ierein, villas, community support facilities and custodial service for the common areas of the apartments, halls, vestibules and community support facilities.

·        Maintenance and repair activities for non-medical equipment and systems, and building structures at the Medidome test center, as well as custodial services for all common areas of the Medidome.

·        Operation, maintenance and repair services for the power plant buildings and central plan utilities system, such as steam generation and distribution, power generation, POL system, central control and monitoring system, elevators, incineration, sewage treatment plant and compressed air.

·        Grounds maintenance inckiding landscaping, garbage collection, maintenance of roads, parking areas and general upkeep of all public areas.